Saturday, April 01, 2006

Back from Illinois

I returned home last night from my visit with my brothers and family. My cold got better, but I managed to give it to Alan. After he left me, he and his girlfriend Jennifer went to Lake Tahoe skiing. He called me from the slopes to tell me I had passed it along. I'm sure I told him "it is a nice thing to share". Mind you -- he still had the energy to ski!

It was nice visiting everyone -- but of course it is always nice to get home as well. I certainly couldn't have done that trip alone -- I think those days are over for me -- at least maneuvering my way around Chicago on the buses and the EL. Alan and I managed to see some friends, go to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Adler Planetarium and Navy Pier. It was cold and windy -- what else do you get in Chicago?

I wish my family lived closer or vice versa. I always hated that Alan really never got to know his cousins very well. Being an only child it would have been nice for him.

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