Saturday, September 24, 2011

My dear friend Meg

My dear friend Meg Dure writes for Athens Patch. Today, she wrote this article

I don't usually post articles that are about me, but I couldn't resist this one. Dear, true and loving friends don't come easy. I've known Meg for almost thirty years and although we don't see each other as often as I would like, each time we do see each other, we pick up exactly where we left off.

Thank you, Meg, for being my friend. I love you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy Busy Time

I've received quite a few emails and calls in the last couple of days regarding the new Intranatal Insulin drug therapy that has been mentioned so frequently in the news. You can read about this here The data that was reported this week, was initally presented at the 2010 Alzheimer's Association International conference. And, one of the lead researchers, Suzanne Craft, was awarded a research grant from the Alz. Assn. to follow up on these findings. Based on the article above, this will now go into further stages of clinical trials. Please note that only 104 people were used in this particular studay at this time. While it sounds promising, we need to remember that more trials are needed to determine if this is truly effective. Let's hope for the best -- we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Our Walk To End Alzheimer's is coming up in a month. Hard to believe that it is already here. you can still make a contribution if you follow this link . I would appreciate your support whatever size it is!!

I've been extremely anxious these days and hard to settle myself down. I don't know the reason. I have a lot going on with the walk and some other things, but I just can't seem to get things together in my mind. I know I am a pain to live with -- I'm not liking myself that much these days, let alone know what I'm doing to my husband and others around me.

On a brighter note, it is getting closer and closer to when my son and daughter-in-law move back to the Atlanta area. I'm so glad they are moving back. My son finishes his federal clerkship next week in Washington DC and has taken a law firm job in Atlanta.

The day after our Walk to End Alzheimer's I'm heading to LA and then on to the trip of a lifetime. I am going to Australia. I can't believe it actually. This is something I have wanted to do my entire life and I'm a bit overwhelmed to think that I am actually doing it. It's on my bucket list and I have been trying to tick all those things off. This will be one big thing off that list for sure. Thanks to my son, this is happening. We have looked at going for some time, but there was never a right time. He was always in school or moving or working. But, we have a little window of opportunity before he starts his new job and we've taken it. I couldn't do it without him and I just can't believe that it is finally going to happen. It will have taken 56 years to get there and I'm sure it will be worth the wait!