Monday, October 30, 2017

Not Back To "Normal"

Yes, it has been many long months since I have added anything to this blog.  The last few chemo treatments I had this summer did a number on me.  I was sailing along pretty well and then a big old truck seemed to come smashing into me.  After my chemo finally ended, I went in for surgery. Luckily, the chemo had done its job (it should have for what I went through!) and the tumor was pretty insignificant at the time of surgery.  A few weeks later I started radiation treatments.  On November 13th I will be finished with everything.......or that is the plan anyway.  I went for my original mammogram on April 1 (no joke) and 7 months later -- I am on the verge of finishing treatment.  Of course, follow up exams will be made and I will continue to meet with my oncologist but hopefully all the nasty stuff is behind me. This is definitely not how I wanted my year to go.

Through all this my Alzheimer's has "flared up" with my chemo brain and my Alzheimer's brain combined I had some days where it was just easier to stay in bed -- and that I did.  But, the farther and farther away I get from my original chemo treatments the better that is.  And, we just finished our Walk To End Alzheimer's last week and our team raised over $15,000. I am so proud of everyone and so very thankful for all of my friends and family for getting me through all my health battles this year. I can never thank them enough.

And of course, there is this guy -- turning 11 months old. Every time I was feeling really down or really sick I got a little dose of Ian and I started smiling. I know that is what grandchildren are all about.