Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving is Upon Us

I have been trying to get back to this blog for a long time and just keep getting sidetracked. I am still here! The last few years the holidays have made me anxious so I guess I am not looking forward to them like I used to. I guess to many people, too much noise, too much of a lot of things, so I have to keep that in mind while going about my usual routine.

I have heard from many people recently about recent Alzheimer's diagnosis or people just looking for help.  I am glad people are reaching out instead of trying to cope on their own.  I was recently made aware of a new book Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost: Stories of Hope for Families Facing Alzheimer's and Dementia by Lisa Skinner.  It is an easy read and filled with lots of advice and ways of coping with people like me!  Lisa looks at everyday problems families face and offers some great solutions on dealing with certain situations.  It is definitely a book I would recommend to those having to care for someone with Alzheimer's or dementia. The book can be found on Amazon.

Several friends have been dealing with some different health problems and I guess as we get older that is going to happen.  I don't think we necessarily see ourselves as older so sometimes thinking about my friends and what they are dealing doesn't seem possible. But then, they probably say that about me too.

I don't know if many of the things I am experiencing now are just due to old age or the disease but many of the things I am experiencing aren't pleasant for me and I am sure they are not pleasant for my friends.  I hate it -- my emotions are all over the place and I never know how I am going to react to things.  Sometimes it just isn't pretty.  I know I am thankful that I still have friends -- despite how awful I must seem to them at times.