Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Walk To End Alzheimer's

Thanks to TEAM ATHENS -- and everyone who contributed to this year's walk.  It was a beautiful day and I appreciate everyone's support!  Here are a few photos from the day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still Alice/Left Neglected/Love Anthony

I've written about my friend Lisa Genova before.  She is the author of the above named books.  I first met Lisa a few years ago when she wrote Still Alice -- about a young woman that had younger on-set Alzheimer's (YOAD).  A friend of mine also with younger on-set told me I needed to read the book as the lives of people with YOAD are widely misunderstood. Through him, I got to know Lisa.  In February of 2010 I met Lisa for the first time in Savannah.  She had just finished Left Neglected and was starting to work on Love Anthony.  She told me that Love Athony was about autism.  She was explaining to me how she was handling the subject and I couldn't quite get into my head how it was going to work.  A few weeks ago, Love Anthony came out.  I bought it but didn't pick it up until this weekend.  When I picked it up, I couldn't put it down.

Without ruining the story or the ending for you, I wanted to say that Lisa has nailed this just like in her other two books.  The story involves two women whose lives are paralleled throughout the book, with them coming together at the end. One woman writes a book about autism, the other woman has a son that has autism.  When they meet, the woman who has the son tells the other woman that she has written the story of her son's life.  This was such a poignant moment for me, because when I read Still Alice, I said out loud to no one, "this is the story of my life".  I couldn't believe that she had captured this so eloquently and so on target.  So, when I read this in this book I thought it was very ironic for me.

And, Lisa also gives a shout out to Athens, GA -- which certainly brought a smile to my face.

I know I wrote about Left Neglected when it came out as well.  It's about a neurological condition called Left Neglect.  I had never heard of it and it just fascinated me when I read the book.

If you want a good read, please go get Love, Anthony.  You will not be disappointed -- oh, and bring some tissues because you are going to need them.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


As you can see, I was in Arizona last week.  Finally got to take the Grand Canyon off my bucket list.  Also visited Sedona Arizona as well.  What a beautiful state.

The bottom photo is my childhood friend, Jan Mangis Thomas.  Jan and I grew up together in Bartonville Illinois.  We went to elementary school and high school together.  Jan has done a much better job of keeping up with everyone we went to school with than I have so it was nice to hear what everyone was doing!  Jan and her husband moved to Arizona a few years before I moved to Georgia.  We've known each other over 50 years and haven't seen each other in 40.  What a nice reunion at the end of a great trip.  Thanks to Jan and JP for dinner and old times!!!

Friday, October 05, 2012


For the past four days I've been in Arizona.  Yep, one more thing to check off the bucket list.  Earlier this week I went to see the Grand Canyon.  I can't describe it, pictures don't do it justice. I was overwhelmed by the size of it.  A mere person seems so insignificant when you see such a "wonder of the world". 

Now I am in Sedona -- home of the Red Rocks.  I didn't quite expect this -- I expected this type of view in Colorado, not Arizona.  I also have always wanted to go to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorada -- a natural amphitheatre made of the beautiful Red Rock.  I've just had a few hours to look at Sedona but expect to do much more today.

Then, tomorow, I am catching up with an old childhood friend.  We went to elementary school and high school together.  A few years ago we caught up with each other on Facebook and have been staying in touch ever since.  She lives right outside of Phoenix and tomorrow we will be together for the first time in close to 40 years.  I'm anxious to see her.  Some friendships never die.....they just stay dormant for awhile and then will erupt when we make it possible.  Why don't you take a few minutes and reconnect with someone -- whether it be over the phone, through the internet or by a hand written note -- isn't that a novel idea these days?