Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Well it appears spring is here. We are getting a few days of nice weather, then rain and cold and then a few more nice days. Hopefully, soon we will see more nice days than cold days!

Things have been busy here for me lately and of course that means getting out of my routine and I certainly can feel a difference. It's hard for me function normally when I am out of my comfort zone. I'm trying desperately to back to "normal" whatever that means these days but every time I try I get sidetracked. Over the next couple of weeks I have out of town company coming and several speaking engagements out of town. I hope by April 15th I will be able to be back on more of a regular schedule and calm down some. I get really anxious when things don't follow a routine. I know I need to be better about controlling and that is something I am going to really have to work on this summer when my son is home.

It is hard for me to just do something on the "spur of the moment" like I used to. I feel uneasy and unsettled and pretty confused. I know my son will understand when he decides at the last minute he wants to go play tennis or do something that I can't always do it. I have to plan and stick to my plan -- and I hate that! I used to be pretty spontaneous and enjoyed just picking up and doing whatever I wanted when I wanted. So much for that independence!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Well spring is here and hopefully the weather will start acting like it -- we get a few good days and then some bad ones. But, I guess March is always unpredicatable.

There is a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. My son is in Boston this week checking out Harvard -- heard from him once that he was more impressed with it than he thought he would be. Not exactly sure what that means, but I know he had some concerns before leaving so maybe those concerns have been cleared up. The first of April he heads to Stanford and then he is off to Chicago. We will all be glad when this law school decision is over. It is very hard!

I have several Alzheimer's speeches to give in the next month -- one in Dahlonega, one in Albany and I will be returning to Washington DC for the Public Policy conference. All of these are so important -- it does me good to do them, but it is also exhausting and makes me realize all the challenges ahead. I'm usually pretty good at blocking them out (I think that is the survival instinct) but when I do the talks it hits home even more. It is harder for me to travel by myself and I know that limits what I can do for the cause. I hate to ask people to go with me because I see it as an inconvenience, but I know people would go if I ask. I guess I might have to get over that!

My nephew will be visiting in a few weeks. He has two conferences to attend in Atlanta on two consecutive weekends, so during the week he will be able to spend some time with us. And, my brother is going to visit a day or so in the next few weeks as he is close by on business. It's going to be a busy time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Back on Track

Gosh -- it's been awhile I know, but I think I am finally getting back on track after being sick for several weeks. I just have to watch it and not over do now or I'll be back in the same situation! Thanks to all those that have called since I haven't been blogging. I guess I don't realize how many people actually read this.

Getting back to my routine is important now to help me keep on track. I'm doing pretty well, but then I haven't ventured out much lately!

My son is in the final stages of selecting law schools. It is such a difficult decision for him. He applied to way too many schools, but then he wasn't sure if he would get in them so you have to have your bases covered. He has it narrowed down to four Stanford, Harvard, Yale and the University of Chicago. He will be visiting all of them in the next month so hopefully in a month's time he will be able to make a decision. It will be hard for me to have him farther away than an hour as he has been for the last four years.

I promise to write more soon. Thanks again for checking up on me.

Friday, March 11, 2005


I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I have had the flu and a bad cold for several weeks. I promise to be back soon with a good post!