Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vacation Time

As I write this I am in Peoria, IL visiting my family for a few days. Over the weekend I spent time in Chicago with my son. We had some fun exploring Chicago and visiting with our friends Pody and Rick from Champaign. Pody gave us a wonderful trip to the Art Insitute of Chicago by providing lots of information about the paintings. She is an art history professor so I wouldn't expect anything less from her! We got to visit her daughter's apartment in Chicago (Rachel is an attorney in Chicago, but was out of town), we went to Second City, Navy Pier, and the Adler Planetarium. It was nice to be just be a "tourist" for awhile. On Monday, Alan and I hopped a two hour train to Bloomington where we were met by my brother, his wife and my nephew for dinner before heading on to Peoria.

The bad part about the trip so far is that I developed a cold the first day and some things I had planned for the trip I didn't do because I didn't have the energy and just didn't feel like it. So, while in Peoria, I'm trying to take it easy so I can get to feeling a little better. Plus, I'm extremely tired from the trip and some parts of it are harder than they should be.

However, being around family is nice. I don't see them often enough.

More when I return.

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Amber Jaynes said...


Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you! Take care with the cold! That alone can wear you out! Be safe!


Amber (& Boyce)