Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One of the sponsors of our Memory Walk here in Athens last year was one of our hospitals. This week they are hosting the Nationwide Tour of the PGA. So, I decided to volunteer to work since they were good to us last year.

It's been fun watching the players. It makes you want to go play some more. I was hoping that by osmosis that at the end of the week I would play better, but that probably isn't going to happen! I've been working on the driving range for two days and tomorrow I will be working on a hole as the tournament begins. I suppose when Ralph retires in a few weeks, we'll be playing much more golf. I used to play pretty well, but my concentration isn't what it used to be and that means I don't play real well now. But at least I get out and get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. As many people have said, golf is kind of like a walk in the park chasing a little white ball.

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