Saturday, May 16, 2015

And the walls start to cave in

Yesterday was not a good day. I was playing Pickleball with my husband. I usually play about three or four times a week, so that wasn't unusual. But some days it is hard for me because there are too many people and too much noise. I had played a few games and was doing o.k., but then I was playing with my husband (fortunately he was my partner) and all of a sudden it was like the walls were closing in on me, I got confused, didn't know what I was suppose to do and I had a full blown panic attack.  It has been awhile since I had one and I can usually feel them coming on, but not this one. I had to get out of the gym as fast as I could. My husband realized what was going on and helped to get me out. it was as if the whole world was spinning around me and I could not get off the carousel. It is hard to explain, but it can be terrifying if you do not know what is happening for you. I went outside to get away from everything, but I couldn't set foot back in the gym. My husband took me home and I had another one at home -- which isn't unusual for me -- seems like If I have one, I have another or several.  But I was feeling better because I was in a safe place. It was a long day.