Friday, April 21, 2006

This and That

It's been a busy week with the golf tournament and all. I made it through my first day of "marshalling" a hole yesterday and have two more days of that. The weather didn't cooperate the first part of the day so we ran about two hours behind. All in all though I think it is goin pretty well. Because of the weather delay I was on the course much longer than I thought I would and toward the end I was making a lot of mental mistakes because I was tired. The mistakes weren't so bad that it messed up a player, just did some things that I wouldn't have necessarily done if I hadn't been so tired and "over extended" is probably a good word for it.

I've seen a lot of people volunteering at the tournament I haven't seen for a long time. Many of them I can't remember their names which is frustrating and I'm probably not remembering some of them at all. But at least I'm out there.

They've treated the volunteers extremely well with appreciation. They have also been feeding us every day and since we are a country club it is country club food, not just sandwiches. I've tried to stay on my diet the best I could but the food is pretty tempting. One thing they had one day this week was fried chicken. I haven't had fried chicken in probably well over a year because of my diet, but I had a piece this week and it was like heaven! I think I even had a dream about it that night. That's pretty pathetic isn't it?

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Carol said...


I can so relate to the fried chicken comments! I was dieting (as always) when I worked at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter. During the fair, we had an exhibit called "Robinson's racing pigs." The pigs would race each other around this track with the winner receiving an Oreo cookie. It was pretty hysterical to watch. My girlfriend mad a comment about she didn't know if the reward was worth the race to which I replied "I've been dieting for a long time and am tempted to join the race, knowing without a doubt I will get that Oreo cookie." It is sooooo worth it, isn't it?!!

Love and hugs,