Wednesday, April 05, 2006


You know the feeling when you are on vacation and near the end of your vacation time you realize that it is going to be over soon and you'll be back to "reality". Even though I'm retired, I still feel that way when I go away. But since being back from Illinois I hadn't really thought that way until yesterday. That's when the old brain decided to act up more than usual and I suddenly come back to that dreaded feeling I get when I think about this disease. On good days I rarely think about it -- but when it rears its ugly head there's no denying it.

On another front for "reality" -- in about three weeks my husband retires. I know I have mentioned it before, but I think I have put it out of my mind. What a change for him and definitely a change for me. Having someone around the house all the time is going to definitely be hard. My husband has a hard time being in the house without noise. He has to have the television or the radio on. I can't function like that -- there is never a tv or radio or anything that produces noise on during the day when I am home alone. We will definitely be created a "no noise" room for me to escape to. It will certainly be different for everyone. My husband has worked for over 40 years in his job and he deserves to retire and we deserve to be able to do things while we still can. But an adjustment to the way we live our lives is definitely around the corner.

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