Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hickory NC

We went to Hickory NC over the weekend. We visited some friends that used to live in Athens and attended a wedding of a friend of mine. Many of you have been following my blog for awhile and may recall that last year, I wrote about a young man that had a skiing accident in Colorado and almost died. He had some head trauma, lost sight in one of his eyes as well as many broken bones. His fiancee was finishing up her studies at Georgia and went to be by his bedside for several months and still managed to graduate on time. She is a remarkable young woman. I got to know her through Memory Walk here in Athens. She chaired the event and did a marvelous job. Due to the accident the wedding was put on hold, and finally, this weekend, they tied the knot. It was an extremely emotional weekend for everyone, because of the severity of Brad's accident.

I'm so pleased they allowed us to share in their special day.

But it was a long weekend for me and I have to rest for awhile. I just wanted to share this story.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have finally rested a little after my trip to Minneapolis. It was a great trip even though it was so short. I was part of a panel that spoke to a group from Golden Clinical Services, part of Golden Ventures. It was a training session for their employees on Alzheimer's Care. They were so nice to us. Also on the panel were two gentleman from Minnesota that I have been working with for a few months on this and it was nice to finally meet them. I really appreciate this company working with their employees to understand this disease. Thanks for having me.

To my Illinois friends out there, just wanted to say that I'm sorry for you that Illinois didn't win the NCAA Tennis tournament against Georgia. However, this capped off Georgia's undefeated season so I am glad they won. Illinois made a great move by beating some top ranked teams to get to the final. They had a lot of supporters in the crowd and were very vocal!

We are off to a wedding in North Carolina this weekend. And, get to see an old friend that used to live in Athens.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's been awhile I know. I've been busy and I've been exhausted. It's hard for me to write when I am tired. My concentration level is not what it used to be!

I've been off on my days all week, thinking it was one day when it was another. I think I must be anxious for this week to end!

On Monday, I'm off to Minneapolis for a speaking engagement. I'll get to meet some new folks with dementia. I've been working with them via conference calls for a couple of months so it will be nice to meet them. Those connections are vital to me.

I'll be back on line when I return and have rested up.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy weeks ahead

I'm gearing up for a few busy weeks. As I tired as I get I need to pace myself. Next week I am going to begin volunteering for the NCAA women and men's tennis tournament to be held here. The men's tournament has been here for many years and we always go to watch. This year both the men's and the women's tourney is being held at the same time and they needed some people to work. I can't do much that requires a lot of concentration for a long period of time, but at least I might feel useful.

In the middle of that I'm going to Minneapolis to speak to a group on what it is like to have Alzheimer's. There will be several people on a panel and I'm anxious to go and see some old friends. It will be an exhausting trip for me and I know I will need a few days to recover.

Over the Memorial Day weekend we are going to a friend's wedding in North Carolina. This lovely young lady that is getting married was the Chair of our first Memory Walk here in Athens. She was going to UGA at the time and her sorority, Sigma Kappa, supports Alzheimer's as their philanthropic interest and she was in charge. She is a remarkable young lady. She now lives in Denver and works for a pharmaceutical company. I'm so glad she is getting married and I haven't seen her in over a year so I'm glad that we will be part of her special day. I just have to remember to pace myself!

In June we finally get to see the kid in Washington DC. It seems like he is settling in to his new job at the law firm up there. I'm sure he will have lots to show us and tell us.

Speaking of the Memory Walk -- the date for Athens' is Saturday October 20th. Your support is definitely needed. And, if you get a chance, check out the national Alzheimer's Website at They have a great new ad campaign that is coming out and hopefully will help raise awareness. Some big names have lended their support to the program and I am excited to see that happening.

The best of Mother's Day to all of you out there.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I think I have finally rested up from a busy week last week. My husband and I volunteered at a pro golf tournament held locally. It was about as much as I could do -- it was rather exhausting -- but it makes me feel useful!

My son is finishing up his second year at law school at Stanford this week. Next Monday he starts a new job at a law firm in Washington DC. I'm just glad that he is going to be in the same time zone as we are for a change! It's an exciting time for him. I miss him alot. I was thinking that this is the longest time I have been without seeing him and I still have six weeks to go before we make a visit to Washington DC. I know, though, that I am lucky that at least I do get to see him as often as I do. I know there are many parents that have children that live much farther away and don't get to see them.

Many of you have asked how the wedding plans are coming for Alan and Jennifer. Don't know much as I'm not sure that they have made many decisions. Hopefully more details will be coming soon.

It is suppose to be 92 degrees here in Athens today. That is just too hot already for just the first of May. I hope this is not indicative of the summer to come.