Friday, February 27, 2009

Off Again

I'm heading to Macon Georgia this weekend. The UGA Women's basketball coach is getting inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and I am going with some other booster club members. I'm trying to get a cold so I hope that doesn't make the trip awful.

My brother is still in the hospital. It seems he takes one step forward and two steps back. We found out this week there are some more things that have attacked his body if you will. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Next week we have training for Alzheimer's Advocacy Day. March 9th is Alzheimer's Day at the state capitol here in Georgia. If you live in Georgia I would encourage you to join us. We are hoping we will have 500 people carry our message to legislators. If you need more information go to

I haven't been as sharp this week. I'm not sure if it is because of the cold, not being on my schedule, being tired or not taking my meds at the right time (probably the latter) but hopefully I can get straightened out this week.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Home Again

I'm home from Illinois. My brother is holding his own, but has a very very long way to go. I will be going back up there the first part of April and hopefully, things will be looking up. Thanks to all who called and emailed. I'll be writing more this week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Illinois

I'm in Illinois this week visiting my sick brother. I didn't think I was going to have to come but it was time. I haven't seen him in nine months so you can imagine he didn't look real good to me. He is having surgery again today. He has a long way to go. On top of his diabetes and all the trouble he has had with that he also has colon cancer. They removed a tumor last week the size of his head. I just can't imagine. It will be several months before he can start his chemo as there are quite a few other things wrong and they have to take care of those first. It's way too long and complicated to go into but suffice it to say he has a long way to go. My plan is to return to Georgia on Sunday. Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend. My son and husband both surprised me with gifts and believe me -- I was surprised......not by my son's gift but by my husband's. I don't think he has ever given me a gift for Valentine's Day -- needless to say he is not a gift giver! So, that was extra special.

Each week Google sends me a list of news articles that have been published during the week. Last week an article caught my eye about Alzheimer's drugs. The article was from the Orlando Sentinel. The gist of the article was why do the drug companies paint such a rosy picture of Alzheimer's when there is no hope. When I looked at the bottom of the article I saw where the article had been written by a writer in Stone Mountain Georgia -- not too far from where I live. His email address was attached so I emailed him. I had to differ with his opinion in the area that the Alzheimer's drugs on the market today can help some people -- especially in the early stages. If it weren't for drugs I wouldn't be writing this blog today. Yes, the drugs interact with people differently and although they won't help forever, it does give you a chance to lead a somewhat productive life in the beginning. I don't think the advertisements are misleading -- they don't say there is a cure -- they say there is help. The writer and I have a few back and forth exchanges. When I received my list from Google this week, there was another article by the writer this time about the feedback he had received from his article including some of my comments. There's always two sides (if not more) to a story.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Calls and emails

Thanks to all who have called or email asking about my brother. His surgery went o.k. but he has a ways to go. At least he is getting the care he needs. I was heading to Illinois, but am going to wait a bit after talking with family members. Thanks again and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Friends

Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to meet a gentleman in our area that has early on set Alzheimer's and his lovely wife. We met for coffee and it was nice to get to know them. Bill and I shared "our moments" and his wife and my husband shared "their frustrations" --that probably isn't the right word for it but close enough. I was so relieved to hear Bill say that when he was having his "moments" they felt like out of body experiences. He is so right --that is the way I have been describing things since I was diagnosed. It was nice to hear someone else say that.

This weekend is Valentine's Day. Over the last few days I have heard several people complain about the lame presents their husbands give them for Valentine's Day. I want to shout at them -- "At least you get something and someone is thinking about you!"

I have written here on occasion about my brother. He is in very poor health and has not done anything about it. I worry all the time about him because over the years he could have done something about his condition -- but he hasn't. In the last week his health has deteriorated and we have all been concerned. Last night, he finally agreed to go to a hospital and at least will we get a take on what is going on with him. The prognosis is probably not good. I only write about this because if you love your family -- take care of yourself. I always say how guilty I feel about having Alzheimer's because I didn't do anything to get this disease and it is so hard on my family. When you have a health issue that is treatable -- please do something about it --not only for you but for your family. They care about you and that says a lot. Even if you don't care about yourself they do -- so don't be selfish and get help when you need it.

OK -- I'm off my soap box now. My husband turns 65 tomorrow. We are going to celebrate.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This and That

Yes, I know it has been awhile. Every time I sit down I can't seem to get the words to come out the way I want them. But, I decided I was going to take a stab at it with some random thoughts today.

My husband bought a motorcycle yesterday. It is a 30 year old motorcycle -- just like one he had thirty years ago. I call it his "late life crisis". He turns 65 in a few weeks so that is his birthday present to himself. I just want to be sure his life insurance is paid up.

I had a neurologist appointment this week. It's so frustrating when there is nothing he can really do to help you. "stay on your meds and see you in six months" is what I hear. He also told me that I am a poster child for the disease -- I don't want to be a poster child for anything!

My friend Josh that I have written about is doing great despite all the surgeries and everything he has been through. I actually got to visit with him for awhile yesterday and he is extremely upbeat and positive. He knows how bad it could have been. He has quite a few more surgeries to go through and will be in the hospital for quite awhile yet, but it was so good to see him.

About six months ago I opened a Facebook account. I'm still kind of getting the hang of it and don't have too many friends. However, it has been fun to re-connect with people I've lost track of and make new friends as well. I have met several people that live nearby that have Early On-Set Alzheimer's and that has been good for me. I hope to keep adding friends and getting better at "Facebooking".

I'm going to try to be better about posting....but I know I have said that before.