Thursday, July 28, 2005


it has been so long since I posted. I have been waiting for my son to "fix" my blog by being able to add comments but he said he had a problem doing it --- that's why it hasn't been done. I asked him to ask his girlfriend to do it so it might get done -- Ithink she knows more about that stuff anyway -- so hopefully before they go off to California we'll get it done. However, as I write this I see that there might be a place for comments so he might have done it and now it works. After I push the button to "publish this" I guess we'll see if a comments area comes up. If not, stay tuned!

We went white water rafting a few weeks ago. I was dreading it because it was class IV and V rapids. I've never done anything like that before (highest I've ever gone is Class III and only one or two of them) -- but the trip wasn't too bad. We never fell out of the raft and that was a good thing. The bad thing was that I hurt in places I didn't know you could hurt the next day.

Then we took a train ride through the Blue Ridge Mountain area. It was a three hour trip and went through Tennessee and Georgia. We had done our rafting in South Carolina so we got around a bit those few days!

Today Alan and I went to a Braves games despite the heat we are having -- but it wasn't too bad. After about an hour and a half we were in the shade so we survived and the Braves won.

Last weekend Alan his dad and Jennifer painted his room. Then we had new carpet put down. The house was a mess for several days and it really took its toll on me. Things were not in the right spot and I got really confused. Alan's stuff was all over the house and it was so confusing to me that I had a few pretty rocky days until it was finished. Now the house is somewhat back to normal and I am feeling better. I was close to having severe panic attacks with everything strewn all over the house.

I have lots of Alzheimer's stuff to go over with you -- but need to save it for the next post. Thanks to all of you that read this and give me your support -- it means a lot to me.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Vacation's over

Well we made it back from Hilton Head. The weather was hot but we still managed some tennis, swimming (pool and ocean) and bicycling around the island. Alan and Jennifer also ventured into the waters with a kayak.

It was nice to get away but it is always nice to get home as well. The trip was much harder for me than I thought it was going to be. And mostly, because things were new to me. We stayed in a villa for the week and of course, everything was different. I found it extemely difficult to work in the kitchen -- I had to ask for help several times. I was just so confused because I didn't know where things were and where to put them back when I got them out, etc. etc. Also, Hilton Head was a lot busier in general than we had remembered it. There were a lot more people and a couple of times, I found myself very close to a panic attack because there were so many people around and I was in a strange place.

Sometimes when we go on vacation I like to venture out on my own. But I couldn't do that either on foot, bike or by car because I was so confused by my surroundings. I hate it when that happens! Luckily, my family was by my side and didn't leave me alone too often.

We have a few more two and three day trips left for the summer but they shouldn't be too bad. Then, we'll be packing Alan up for the drive to California. What fun that will be.