Thursday, September 27, 2007

Social Security/Medicare

I know you have all read my rants and raves about my social security disability ventures. Well, nothing has really changed, I'm still waiting to see a judge for a has been over 24 months we have been waiting and still don't know when we'll get our hearing. I was just informed of a new bill being introduced by a Congressman from New Mexico, that will change the two year waiting period for those on Social Security Disability to get Medicare. I know that I have heard from many of you on this subject through email and your comments.

Thought you might like this link so you can follow its movement in the house and senate.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One of our two cats passed away this morning. I woke up around 5:30 and fed both of them. At around 6 I left to go to the gym and noticed that one of them was asleep on the living room floor. When I came home she was in the exact same position so I went to check on her and found her dead. I guess she had a heart attack -- at least she didn't suffer. She was old -- about 14 years old but it is sad when you lose a member of your family.

My husband came home last night from St. Louis. I'm glad that didn't happen while he was away.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Peace and Quiet

My husband has been gone for a few days visiting his brother in St. Louis. I cannot believe what a difference having him gone has meant to me. This isn't suppose to sound bad, although I know when you read it, it will sound that way. I forgot what it was like when he wasn't around all the time. I am not as tired as I usually am. I think that not having to deal with him all day really makes a difference. And, by "dealing with him" I mean, just having him around talking to me, having the television set on most of the time and knowing that my brain should at least be engaged all day takes a toll on me. I don't think the television set has been on at all since he has been gone other than to watch the Georgia football game on Saturday. The constant noise of the television wears on me.

It wasn't so bad when my husband was working because I could have all that quiet time to myself during the day.

What a difference a little noise makes!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Washington DC

We returned from Washington DC and I'm still trying to process all the information from the meeting we attended. I'm not sure how much of the information we learned is proprietary so I don't want to say a whole lot at this time.

The meeting had a lot of heavy hitters in the room and the topic was basically about trying to get a handle on what everyone is doing in the realm of dealing with Alzheimer's and how we can work together. I was privileged to be there and am thankful that they solicited the input of those with the disease and the families that are caring for them. I know that this is just the beginning and with the energy in the room I am hopeful that a lot of minds will be working on how we move forward at this point.

Ralph is leaving for St. Louis today to visit his brothers. I'll be working on some Memory Walk projects while he is gone. And, resting -- I can't believe how long it takes me to get back to what I consider "normal" after a trip.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The photo above was taken this summer when my son and his fiancee Jennifer were home. A wedding date hasn't been set yet, but we are hoping that it will be set by the end of this month.

The trip to Peoria was a good one, but exhausting. Ralph and I are headed to Washington DC for an Alzheimer's meeting on Monday and then back home on Tuesday. We have a little more travel in the next couple of weeks, but then things may slow down a bit. The Memory Walk is October 20th and we are gearing up for that as well.

My son is going through the final process of trying to get a federal clerkship after he graduates in May. It is a rough, rigorous and competitive process and no matter what the outcome for him it will be a good learning experience. I have to keep reminding him that even if he doesn't get a clerkship, he will still end up with a law degree from Stanford and that is definitely worth something!

As far as my health goes, things are o.k. Went to the doctor last week and of course, there isn't much he can say other than "come back in six months". I think we all feel a sense of helplessness -- knowing we can't do anything right now to slow this down. You do the best you can and carry on.

Monday, September 10, 2007

No son, this is not for you

I'm sure my son is going to read this and figure that this post is for him. But, it isn't. I'm still in Illinois visiting my brothers but will be heading home later today. I have been able to see lots of folks that I haven't seen for awhile. While visiting, there seems to be a theme in what we talked about -- disappointment in things not going the way people were hoping for.

It's hard to understand why some things don't go our way. I've never been real religious but I do believe that things happen for a reason. Or at least, in my life I believe they do. It might be hard to see at the time, but later on I have been able to look back at things and realize why I didn't get a certain job, a certain grade, a certain opportunity. It might have been a few days later, a few months later or even a few years later, but the reason has always presented itself. In talking with friends here (as well as my son this week) they have shared some disappointment in something not going their way. Most of the time, when things have not gone my way, it has been for the better. I wasn't always happy about it at the time, but when looking back it definitely was for the better -- I wouldn't have had a chance to meet some people, or to make as much money or to be happy.

I've often written about my husband being very pessimisstic. His response to that is "if I don't get my hopes up about something, then I won't be disappointed if things go bad." I'm not sure that is the right way to look at things, but each to his own I guess.

I think you have to be positive and then live with what happens as bad as it might hurt or not feel right at the time. Everything is not going to go your way every time. You just have to hope that you can handle what is thrown at you. I certainly didn't want to get Alzheimer's -- but it has happened for a reason and I accept that. I don't see many other alternatives at this point so you make the best of it. I've certainly grown as a person and value my time with my friends and family so much more.

I think, too, that we have to learn from all of these opportunities. It certainly won't be the last time we are disappointed by something and hopefully the next time it happens you will be ready for it -- or at least realize that it is not the end of the world. Learn from it and move on. Life is way too short.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm off to Illinois tomorrow to visit my brothers and family. It's been way too long since I have seen them. I'll get a chance to see some other true friends and I'm glad they are going to be able to take some time for me.

My golf game stunk yesterday. I'm going to have my brother help me some when I'm home. He'll know what to do.

Busy week when I return on Monday -- have several memory walk meetings and then we are off to Washington DC for some more Alzheimer's meetings.

More soon.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Long Week

Boy it sure took me a lot longer to recuperate from my trip to Chicago. I was so tired after only being gone a few days. It has been hard to get back into my daily routine -- thought I was coming down with a cold, but it just turned out to be exhaustion. I'm traveling to central Illinois to visit my brothers at the end of this week, but I know I will have more downtime than when I was in Chicago so hopefully, that will not be as bad.

I went to the UGA football game last night. We don't have season tickets, but a friend of mine called and had an extra ticket so I was his date. I haven't been to a game for a couple of years so it was nice to go. Some friends of mine that go to every game gave me a ride and stayed with me until I caught up with my friend. Then my friend walked me back to a meeting place for my ride home so I wasn't alone. The stadium was sold out which means over 92,000 people were in attendance, so I was glad I wasn't alone! I really got tired after the half and it was hard for me to follow the game. Having the game in the evening was also hard for me because I'm not at my best in the evening. But, I'm glad I went -- it will probably be the only game I go to all season and it was a nice night for a game. And, we won!