Friday, January 02, 2004

The Holidays are almost over

It's been a long time for me to be off work -- almost 10 days. I don't usually do that but what a difference it has made for me. I didn't realize what so much concentrating to get through a day of work was "costing" me. I haven't had to really think and stay focused for long periods of time during my time off and it has been like a burden off my shoulders. I did work some from home and during that brief time period during the day I would be o.k., but I do realize what a heavy weight it is on me. I went to lunch with my family and some friends today and the noise in the restaurant was quite a bit for me to handle. One of my biggest challenges is sorting the noise in my brain. It is extremely hard for me to concentrate and carry on a conversation with lots going on around me. Thankfully, my friends and family know this -- and bless their hearts they still want to be with me! Gone are the days when Kris' monopolizes the conversation (that's probably a good thing for them).

Having my son home from college while I have been home has been great. I really appreciate the times we have together. Although it takes some getting used to having him being back at home. It is harder for me when he is home because of all the extra noise that is generated. I have a difficult time while watching television or listening to the radio when people are talking. I tend to leave the room and find some some quieter place. I forget when he is not here that my husband knows that we can't converse while doing something else -- so we don't. Or we turn the "noise" off. Simple things like this are easy to forget -- but it's just an obstacle we deal with. It's not life threatening and knowing what you need to do when it gets a little distracting helps. My family doesn't take offense to it -- they have learned to live it. I love them for that. Alan returns to school tomorrow -- that makes me sad.

By the way -- don't ever give anyone you love with Alzheimer's a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas.

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