Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Forgetting

Last night on PBS, there was a special called "The Forgetting" about Alzheimer's Disease. It was a wonderful show. I thought I would have a hard time watching it but I didn't. I hope a lot of people saw it -- it was very informative and was discussed in laymen's terms. I admire all the families on the show that shared their story with us.

One of the families, the Noonan's, have a history with AD. One of the family members, Julie Noonan Lawson has been communicating with me on and off for the past year or so via email. It was nice to put a face to her email address. How brave her family is and how I admire her. Since the program was taped Julie has lost her sister Fran (who has highlighted in the show) to AD and another brother has been diagnosed. There are 10 children in her family and Fran was the 4th member of her family to die of Alzheimer's. I cannot imagine what her family has and is going through. I know how tough it is on my family with just me to worry about. They are my heroes in coming forward with their story and sharing their lives with the nation on this show.

I could certainly relate to a lot in the show and I hope that my family will watch it. Although my husband did not watch it with me, I hope he and my son will both watch the tape of it. It's more for them than for me. I hate what this disease does to families -- it's much harder on them than the patients. I only wish they didn't have to go through it.

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