Friday, May 29, 2009


My husband and I are looking for some suggestions for a vacation in July somewhere up in the Northeast. It's an area we aren't that familiar with and would like to visit -- Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont -- any suggestions from my readers out there? We are looking for something not too taxing but that has some points of interest but relaxing at the same time. I know I'm not asking for much!! Please leave me a comment if you have some suggestions or email me at


Anonymous said...


I've stumbled across your blog, as I was searching for Alzheimer's blogs. My grandmother has passed from Alzheimer's and I am still very interested in it runs in the family!

I read your brief vacation blog. I've only been to Burlington, Vermont at the beginning of August. My husband is a Professional Judge. He judges custom cars and trucks, and there happens to be a truck show in Burlington that we attend.

Anyway, Burlington is a college town, just off of Lake Champlain . Its just beautiful. While my husband is judging, we really do not have an opportunity to tour, but if you like ice cream, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory has a tour....with a free sample at the end! :) We did visit that!

I can't offer much, but the views just driving are amazing! As you drive and hit the top of one mountain, you look around and the peaks and valleys of the area around are just breath taking.

Wherever you may decide to travel, I hope that you have a wonderful time!

Sheryl K

L.S.Fisher said...

Kris, I suggest the beach. Think relax rather than sightsee.

I'm pretty sure I met you in Washington, DC.

I noticed you wrote about the Alzheimer's Project. That was my topic this week.

barb & gordon said...

Maine is a great place to visit. We like to share our experiences living here with Alzheimer's at