Sunday, May 24, 2009

What A Difference a Couple of Days Make

My husband has been gone for a few days. This is pretty unusual for him because he is pretty much a home body and rarely travels by himself. But what a difference it makes to me. I know it sounds bad, but when he is away I feel a lot better. I don't have to think, I don't have to talk, I don't have to listen to the television or the radio all the time, I don't have to constantly watch what I'm doing because he is watching over me......and as a result I don't get as fatigued. I haven't had to nap for the last few days because I'm not feeling worn down by mid afternoon. I still get tired, but not that mental fatigue that is so draining. I'm sure that my husband would say "well, you don't have to do those things when I'm around" but he's wrong. He doesn't take an active role in a lot of things and that means I have to try to think about things even if I can't or don't want to. He hasn't quite caught up with the fact that soon, he will have to do most of the thinking for both of us. I have a half day left to myself and I am going to enjoy it!

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