Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A couple of quick notes to these photos. In the top photo is my friend Josh who was injured in Afghanistan. He was in town to speak at a Memorial Day Celebration. His arm is still in a brace and he is waiting for another surgery on his elbow. He had a moving speech and there was a great attendance at the event, despite rain was ready to pour down any minute.
The second photo is me and my new friend Bill Dotson. Bill made this walking stick for me. Bill was diagnosed with Early On Set Alzheimer's as well and doesn't live too far away. He read my post about needing a walking stick because of my balance and he made this for me. Isn't he sweet? Thanks Bill!
More soon -- I'm off to try to play golf before it gets too hot!


L.S.Fisher said...

It was great hearing from you, Kris! You do not seem to have a "Follow" option on your blog. I follow a few blogs and their posts come up when I post to my blog. I also have eight followers to my blog.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you had genetic testing? My father had EOAD and I am wondering about my risk. I don't know anything of his family history. He immigrated from Switzerland. Is most EOAD genetic with a 50/50 risk or is most sporadic?

Jeff Muller in Seattle