Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Feedback on the Alzheimer's Project

I just finished watching the Caregivers segment of the HBO Alzheimer's Project Series. The first person interviewed, Chuck Jackson, is a friend of mine. It was great to see him and to see him in such great spirits. Some of the quotes from the Caregiver's segment I can relate to ----

"You're your own caregiver for awhile, then your friends and family"

"Living life in the moment"

"We try to stay in ther present and usually the present isn't so bad"

"If you can't cry about it all thet me you might as well laugh"

"Alzheimer's is a part of my life, I try not to dwell on it"

"People don't drop over like they used to. you don't get invited very many places"

These things are all so true

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compassionate caregiver said...

These are such uplifting quotes to read. It's good that more and more people with Alzheimer's are facing the disease with a positive attitude. Alzheimer's is not something to sneeze at. It is a serious condition that plagues a lot of seniors. Facing it with such a healthy perspective will make things feel considerably lighter.