Friday, June 06, 2008

The Week

Well, this week started out pretty quiet. I think I needed that. I was having a hard time getting my thoughts clear enough to getting much accomplished around the house.

Once the news article ran, my blog got lots and lots of hits and I really appreciate the notes and comments that have been left for me. I haven't published all of them for various reasons, but please know how much that means to me. Hearing from others diagnosed young is always nice, although I wish it weren't the case. There are many many people out there speaking out with the disease and I thank all of them for standing up to it and making a difference. Together, we can all fight this!

I heard Jim Nantz (CBS Sports reporter) on the news today talking about a new book he had written about his father who has Alzheimer's. Jim Nantz has always been one of my favorite broadcasters and I'm anxious to read what he has to say -- it sounds like a great tribute to his father.

It's extremely hot here in the south these days. I went to a baseball game today and it was well over 90 degrees. Zapped me of much of my energy but at least I was able to go. Last week I went to one and it was so noisy and I wasn't having such a good day, that I wasn't able to last long. But I try!

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