Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tim Russert's Memorial Service

I mentioned in my blog a few days ago about how saddened I was at Tim Russert's untimely death. Of course, I didn't know him, but was very sad by his loss, as was it seems the nation. I have been watching lots of the coverage that has aired on all the stations recently and realize what a "larger than life" person he was. He touched so many lives. His son Luke, is a testament to his father. I cried openly yesterday as I listened to his son giving a loving tribute to his father. You look at a young man like that and realize his future is bright and going to be filled with great things. How proud his family must be of him. For someone to only be 22 years of age and command the respect he did is truly amazing. There are many wonderful and amazing young people out there that we don't get to see much of. They are making their way into the world and we will hear from them in due time I am sure.

I'm sure my son is reading this at some point and he knows how proud I am of him. I thought of him a lot yesterday while watching Luke Russert speak, thinking that he reminded me a lot of Alan. Alan has a few years on him and has not had the privileges that Luke has enjoyed but they both seem to have worked hard to get where they have gotten and are very mature for their age. I know that all parents are proud of their children and we probably don't tell them enough what they mean to us. It's never too late to tell them. Alan shared with us last night that he was ranked in the top ten percent of his graduating law school class at Stanford and for a class size of 180 that is pretty's actually better than pretty good! I think I used the word amazing last night but I don't think that is the proper word either! It is well deserved. You did good kid! Now go pay off that law school debt!!!

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