Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I haven't posted in a while. Lots going on but can't seem to put everything into words. Plus, I'm fighting a cold so I haven't had much energy. I have a speaking engagement this evening so I will probably try to rest a good bit today. Don't have much else planned this week except for a couple of conference calls for Alzheimer's business.

Have enjoyed watching the UGA Baseball team in their quest for a College World Series title. If they win this evening, they will win the title.

Ralph and I are still dealing with Social Security. They paid us one of my disability payments but have yet to pay the lump sum of over $55,000 still owed to us. We were awarded our judgment at the end of January. One payment since then. It's a pretty pathetic system. I get confused dealing with them and the insurance company that still pays my long term disability payments through my last employer, so Ralph has to do most of the talking. I think it frustrates him as well.

Alan is in Washington DC this week interviewing for some clerkship jobs for the '09 year. Yes, he does have a job with a firm in Washington for the coming year and they know he is doing this. They work with those that want to take a leave for a short time to do clearkships and that is a wonderful thing. He and Jennifer leave California on Monday to head back "home". They are busily selling off things before moving.

More soon.

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