Friday, December 01, 2006


It's gift giving season and it's hard to know what to buy some of my friends and family. I know some of my family members are having a hard time buying things for me......but when it comes right down to it.....I don't need anything. If I want something I usually go and buy it.

I say I don't need anything, but then I do. I need time. I don't know if "time" is considered a "thing" or not, but just the same I need time.

Time to spend with my family. Time to spend with my friends. I realize how precious that time is as my disease progresses and that is what is so valuable to me.

When we are babies time is inconsequential.
When we are children, time doesn't seem to go by fast enough.
When we are teens, it seems like forever before you turn 16 and get your driver's license.
Then it is an eternity waiting until you turn 21.
After that, those big birthdays that end in "0" come all too quickly.
Suddenly, you turn around and wonder where all the time has gone.

Time, spend it wisely. You never know when you are going to run out.

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