Friday, December 29, 2006

Ice Skating goes awry

If you have been following my posts you know that I love to ice skate. Living in the south that is difficult to do.....there just are not that many rinks around. There are some in Atlanta so I asked my son if he would go ice skating with me when he came home for Christmas break. So, we went this morning. My husband, my son and I went to meet Alan's girlfriend and her family who were going to skate with us as well.

About 20 minutes into the ice skating session my husband fell on the ice. He said he hurt his elbow and we got off the ice to see if he could bend it, if it was bleeding, etc. It seemed as if he might have bruised it a good bit. After a few minutes he said he wanted to go to the hospital and have it checked out. Mind you, my husband doesn't go to the doctor very freely -- so I figured it must have been hurting more than he let on -- he has a relative high threshold for pain. So, we drove back to Athens (about 45 minutes) to go to our local hospital. After xrays, it was determined that he broke his elbow. Surgery now awaits him next week.

Many of you reading this may know that many years ago he fell off of a ladder and broke his elbow on his left arm and his wrist on his right arm, both requiring surgery. After casts were applied, there were no hands available to do the minor things in life and it was a little difficult for awhile. This time he broke his right elbow and although he is right handed, at least he has a hand free this time -- and that will make life a little easier.

You always have to find that bright spot!

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