Tuesday, October 10, 2006


My birthday was yesterday -- and amazingly -- I didn't wake up to a Red Miata sitting in the driveway.......or a new screened in back porch......or tickets for me and my family to go to Australia. Go figure.

But I did get lots of calls and emails from friends and relatives. And, of course, Alan was home for the weekend and that is the best present of all. I cherish time with friends and family so much these days. But now I'm tired....just a little gets me off my routine and I haven't had a nap in two days. I know that sounds like something little to most people, but I have such bad days when I'm tired. I really need to do better about those naps.

I certainly notice a big difference in not only my reaction time to things, but memory and lack of concentration. It's days like this that you do stupid things and then it makes you feel stupid. It is sometimes hard to distinguish the two -- that you really aren't stupid, you just do stupid things sometimes.

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