Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back To "Normal"

As I write this my son is heading back to California. It was nice to have him here for ten days. I really miss him when he goes back. We had a great time getting to play some golf and tennis. Since my concentration is not that good anymore I'm not that much fun to play with, but he played with me and I at least enjoyed myself.

Yesterday we went to a Braves game. It was a long day for me. To make matters worse my husband was driving and he has a severe case of road rage and it upsets me greatly. I couldn't go to the airport with him today when he took Alan because I couldn't be in the car with him again so soon. I get really agitated when he has one of his rages and he knows it --he just doesn't do anything to control it. Because I knew that it always happens I asked him if he even wanted to go to the game (he doesn't like baseball that much) and if he did that I couldn't tolerate the "road rage" so if he went with us he had to keep it under control. Obviously that didn't happen. I can't change him, so I'm going to have to change the way I get around. I've missed out on many things I want to do because I can't be in the car with him. Around our town it isn't so bad because I can still get some places by myself. It's harder when I need to go somewhere out of town.....but I'll figure it out.

My son made a couple of changes on this website. If you notice at the left, there is a link to this year's Memory Walk and a link to his blog.

Now I need to get back into my routine and I'll feel a whole lot better.

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