Monday, May 15, 2006

The Weekend

Hope all the mother's out there reading this had a great Mother's Day. I got enjoy watching some college tennis on the UGA campus. The Georgia men are now headed to Stanford for next weeks NCAA tennis tournament. I wish the tourney was being held in Athens (as it often is) because I enjoy watching -- but next year it will be back here and we'll get to enjoy seeing the best in the country play. They make it look so easy!

My son will be home on Saturday. He has two exams this week. I'm hoping he'll help me change a few things on this blog as it is getting a little boring!

On Saturday I went to Atlanta to help film a Memory Walk video for the Georgia Alzheimer's Association. They are putting this together for potential sponsors of the walk. I hope it works -- we need support and anything we can do to get it will help. I've already started raising money for the walk so you will probably be hearing from me shortly -- although our walk isn't until November. Need to raise it when I can!

My husband's retirement is going o.k. I think that he still feels like he is on vacation since it hasn't even been two weeks yet. We have managed to "stay out of each other's way" pretty well so far. It is different having him home though. I realize all the little things I have to adjust to by having someone else in the house all day. Plus, he hurt his back last week and hasn't been able to move around a lot so he has been kind of laying around the house these days. I hope his back gets better before Alan comes home so we can play some golf or tennis.

I've written enough for now -- more soon -- I promise!

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