Monday, May 08, 2006

Tennis Part II

My husband and I played our second tennis match on the little league I was telling you about a few weeks ago. Rain in our area has forced us to cancel a couple of matches so we are a little behind. I did a little better last night -- we still lost but we had a good match and it could have gone either way. I still am walking around the court like a zombie most of the time, because I can't remember the score and can't remember who is serving. I get into the point and my concentration is only on the point and nothing else. My husband has a bad habit of not saying the score when he serves so I am having to ask him constantly what the score is. He says it shouldn't matter what it is -- which is true because you should try to win every point and not play according to the score. However, it is bad tennis etiquette not to say the score for everyone's behalf. We had to play three sets and I held it together for that long, so I'm scoring a personal victory for holding on!

We are suppose to play another match this week -- we'll see how that goes.

My son will be home from law school in a couple of weeks. I saw him about six weeks ago but it seems like a lot longer than that. I really miss him being here -- do we ever get over that as parents?

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