Friday, June 02, 2006

Elizabeth Taylor

I don't know if you saw the news stories lately about Elizabeth Taylor having Alzheimer's. Each week, I get news stories emailed to me by Google that have to do with Alzheimer's and last week there were many stories about Elizabeth Taylor having Early stage Alzheimer's. These stories came from lots of newspapers, not just tabloids, but I don't know their sources.

Anyway, Ms. Taylor then went on Larry King Live and proclaimed that she did not have Alzheimer's. Her interview probably did not affect you the way it did me but I was very upset with it. She claimed on the show "do I look like I have Alzheimer's? Do I look like I'm dying, do I sound like someone who has Alzheimer's?" Just what is someone suppose to "look like" when they have Alzheimer's? Ms. Taylor -- I don't "look like" I have Alzheimer's either -- but I do. I'm not ashamed of it -- it's a disease and I have it. Her attitude about this disease is what we must all fight -- people have to deal with it just like all other kinds of diseases.

Can you see this bothered me? I hope others are bothered by it as well.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the interview but I saw highlights. To be honest I didn't think twice about her statements, but you are absolutly right in your assesment.

Good thoughts for us to think about.

Carol said...

I agree with you Kris. I only saw the highlights from the show but thought her comments were offensive. Her comments showed her ignorance of the disease. Such a shame because she could have been a "class act" and phrased her comments differently. For her sake, lets pray she never gets this disease.