Monday, May 01, 2006


My husband retires on Wednesday after spending 40 years with the US Government. He certainly deserves it and I'm happy for him. But at the same time I'm pretty depressed about it. I feel guilty for saying that because it is selfish of me to think that way.

I'm used to having the house to myself, it is quiet all day long and I don't have to answer to anyone. Having another person in the house makes me tired. I started realizing several months ago how tired I was on Monday mornings and finally realized that I was more tired because there was more going on during the weekends with Ralph home and more was expected of me. I had to actually participate in conversations and keep up with more. Mentally, that is a lot for me.

Ralph knows that some adjustments are going to have to be made. From both of us. I really don't know any couples that haven't had to go through some adjustments during the retirement stage.

It will be a few weeks before Ralph really feels like he is retired, as it will seem like a vacation for awhile. Reality will eventually set in and hopefully we'll be ready for it.

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