Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Panic Attacks

Have you ever had a panic attack? It is not a fun thing. I've been experiencing some lately and it is awful. I remember a long time ago talking to someone with early on set Alzheimer's and she told me that she couldn't leave the house or get around a lot of people because she would get panic attacks. I had them years ago and they went away -- now I guess they're back although not too bad! What fun life is.

The weather has started to turn cooler here and it so nice to be outside. I also feel like working around the house a little more -- you don't get so hot. I realize how much I have neglected the house over the years -- I'm glad my husband was there to pick up the slack. I'm going to try to do better. If I could accomplish one big chore a day it would be great -- but I haven't been that ambitious.

Back to the doctor today for my three month check up. I suspect everything will be o.k. -- we'll see.

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