Friday, October 22, 2004

Back Again

Well, I said I would be better about writing in here but I realize it has been a couple of weeks. Sorry about that. I have been busy with the Memory Walk and working for my friends House campaign. It has been fun, but exhausting. I have probably taken on more than I can handle but in a few short weeks it will be over and then I am not taking any new projects on until after the first of the year -- if then!

I had our Memory Walk team over for a cook out last week and it was nice to get everyone together. They have all worked so hard in collecting money for the walk. It means so much to me and there will never be a way I can thank them adequately for going above and beyond. The walk will be good this year. It will be smaller than I think we wanted it to be but I might be surprised. The newspaper is doing a feature story on the walk on November 2 (election day -- be sure to vote) so I hope that raises some awareness of the walk as well.

My son turned 21 this week. Turning 49 didn't bother me much -- but now I feel really old since he is 21. He has turned out pretty well and we are proud of all he does.

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