Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Busy Time

I hope everyone is planning to vote next week -- or if you get the chance to vote early as some states have that option. It's important to vote -- please do!

Our Memory Walk is in a little over a week. Things are picking up and I am so appreciative of everyone's efforts for the Walk. Since it is the first time the walk is going to be in our town in several years, we are hoping for a nice showing. We hope to build from this first year.

This week I spoke to a support group in a neighboring town. I am always so impressed with the groups that I speak with. This group has dealt with Alzheimer's in a very personal way by caring for those with the disease. I admire them so. I have said before that I think this disease is much harder on the care givers than those of us that suffer with the disease. We all have our problems, but the patience these people possess is amazing. Thank God for those people.

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