Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Yes, it has been almost a month since I wrote in this blog -- thanks to the many that have reminded me in the last few weeks. I always think that what I write in here is so negative that people don't want to read it...so I'll try to be better.

I am working on our Memory Walk -- it has been a bit of a struggle getting everyone to buy into here in Athens. It is different than most of the "walks" in Athens, because most people just register the day of, pay their $10 or $15 to walk and it is over. Since this is more of a fund raising issue, it doesn't work quite that way and it is just getting people to change their mind set. It will turn out fine -- it is just change for many people.

I have 15 or so people on my team this year and that is good. I hope collectively we can raise $3,000. Last year we raised over $2,000. However, many of the people on my team are forming their own teams this year since the walk is in Athens, so we may have to try a little harder.

I go back to the neurologist next week. Hopefully he will think I am doing better -- I certainly feel a lot better by not working. I feel like I can contribute a little more to home life these days.

A lady in Atlanta called me this weekend -- she is 53 and was just diagnosed. She still works and is doing well -- she really just wanted to find out a little more about my situation and what she thought she might be facing. She feels that she can continue to work for awhile and that is good as long as she can do it.

I'm going to quit for now, but I promoise -- cross my heart -- to be back more often.

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