Tuesday, May 17, 2011

washington DC

I'm in Washington DC right now. I'm getting ready in a few minutes to head to capitol hill for meetings with legislators and aides to ask for more funding for Alzheimer's research. It's a rainy day here in DC . I'm at an advocates forum and this year over 600 people are here. Over 300 of these people are here for the first time -- that says a lot! We are here to help get the Alzheimer's Breakthrough Act passed as well as the HOPE act which insures a care plan for those with an Azlheimer's diagnosis.

Yesterday, Melody Barnes spoke to our group at lunch. She is the Director of Domestic Policy for President Obama. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of her speech she mentioned my name! She then began to quote from an article I had written for The Shriver Report. I was shocked when I heard my name mentioned by her. My cell phone started buzzing with text messages from others in the room commenting about my mention. It was a little embarassing but I was humbled at the same time. I guess the administration is looking at lots of sources out there on Alzheimer's. I've also met some folks from the Facebook Page Memory people. Many of them are here for the first time and are enjoying their experiences.

Have also had a chance to spend time with my son and daughter-in-law while in DC. More when I return.


Anonymous said...

I can certainly see Ms. Barnes mentioning your name and using your comments from the Shriver Report. You are well spoken, well versed and certainly an active advocate for Alzheimer's. Who better to mention than you, my dear friend, Kris?!

Inge said...

You're a super woman!

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