Saturday, May 21, 2011

Keeping Mum

is a book written by Marianne Talbot. The book deals with caring for someone with dementia. Ms. Talbot tells the stories of caring for her mother in a truly unique, humorous and loving way. For all of my readers out there who care for someone with dementia, it's worth reading. You're not alone although I know you feel it sometimes. Believe me, the person with dementia does as well. Ms. Talbot's book starts out with the definition of "piglet" which she uses throughout her book. She borrowed it from another writer, but the word "piglet" is used throughout the book to stand for the person being cared for. It stands for "Person I Give Love and Endless Therapy to". It took me a little while to get used to this word in the book, but before long I caught on -- yes, I'm a little slow to new ideas.

The book deals with all phases of dementia as well as most phases of care-giving....from in home care to nursing home care. The author has friendly tips all throughout the book in dealing with her "piglet" to dealing with other family members. In the back of the book she offers practical advice on dealing with the stages of dementia.

But it is humorous and warm and filled with compassion. If you are a caregiver, please look for this book. You'll see yourself in it, you'll have dealt with the same problems, and you'll feel like part of a community.

One word of note -- the book was written in England and many of the references deal with British agencies, laws and legal issues inherent to the British ways. You will probably find something comparable in the country you live in, but there are lots of British references.

Thanks to Ms. Talbot for having the courage to write such intimate details about her life and her relationship with her Mum. Knowing I am on the other side of the coin made me feel bad, knowing what my family has to look forward to. I'm not sure I could be a good caregiver if I had to be, but you never know I guess until you are facing it. God bless all the caregivers out there -- you are heroes in my book!

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Marianne Talbot said...

Hi Kris,

This came to my attention. I am glad you enjoyed Keeping Mum. I feel for you in your diagnosis: what a complete sod. You should know that, two years after Mum's death, I am extremely glad I cared for her. Yes, there were bad times. But there were also very good times. In looking after her I learned a lot about life and love. May your care-givers feel the same way.

Good luck on your journey.

Marianne Talbot