Thursday, May 05, 2011

Vince Gill - Macon

Tonight I was in Macon for an Alzheimer's Fundraiser featuring Vince Gill. I'll post some photos soon, however, one very touching moment during the concert is when Vince played "Look At Us". I noticed a young man (late 20'as I would say) get up and an older lady followed him. I guess she was in her early 80's maybe? Anyway, the young man, took the lady in his arms and started dancing with her. I'm sure it was his grandmother or something, but it was so touching. It brought a tear to my eye. Several people got up to take their photo and when Vince Gill finished his song there were lots of women around that young man clapping for him and his partner. I shed a tear at that, too. How many young men would do that -- with 2,000 people in the room!

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