Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday was a long day. It started by helping the UGA Women's Basketball team put together bicycles for underprivileged children here in Athens. There was a potluck lunch to go with it. After that, we attended a charity tennis event that featured Serena Williams, Joshn Isner, Sam Querry and Melanie Oudin. That event was over 3 and half hours long. It was really drawn out. After having the first event, by a few hours into the second event I was long gone mentally. I was so tired, I wasn't sure who was serving or even who was playing at that point. Just too much for me in one day. Thought I could make it, but obviously didn't do so well with it. Some photos are above -- oh -- NeNe from the Housewives of Atlanta is also pictured. She sat right in front of us and lots of people were coming up to get their photo taken with her and to get her autograph -- really distracting I might add.

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