Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I worry about memories -- I know they are going to become more distant to me. I was thinking about this over the weekend -- we were telling Alan and Jennifer what we used to do before they were born -- i.e. make pizza dough from scratch, not use shortcuts while preparing dinner, etc. But, today, I was cleaning out some things from Alan's bedroom and I ran across something Alan did in the 6th grade -- it is his "autobiography". You can just imagine if he did it in the sixth grade how interesting it is!!! I had to take time out of cleaning and sit down and read it. I laughed....I cried.....I realized how much I didn't remember......I understood how important some little things we used to do were to Alan.....and I actually saw a glimpse of the man he is today. I'll keep this forever -- what a treat to find.


W. Latane Barton said...

How precious are our memories and how sad when we lose them. I am so glad you found that autobio that brought laughter in the remembering.

Camilla said...

I saw your blog for the first time today; thank you for sharing your thoughts.

My mother is soon 62, living at a home for the last 3 years with alzheimer. She is not able to speak anymore and it is hard to know how much she understands. But I still tell her everything, as I always have. The good thing is that she smiles everytime I come and visit her :-)

I think it is important to keep the good memories (and forget the bad ones). And to have a good moment everyday :-)

I blog too, but it is all in Norwegian...

Wish you all the best!