Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Back from Illinois

Well, I cut my trip short by a day because of the big storm that was heading toward the midwest. I'm glad I did because most of the flights have been cancelled for today. I was ready to come home. While there I had an infection and had to go to the emergency room for treatment. Not fun, but manageable. When I went to the airline counter to change my ticket the lady told me I looked a little "frazzled and panicky" -- I told her I just needed to get home. I hurried to put stuff in my bag so we could get to the airport and everything was kind of moving a little too fast for me. When I reached Atlanta there were lots of thunderstorms so by the time I drove 1 1/2 hours to the house I was tired. I had a hard time concentrating and I went to take my pills and mistakenly took the morning pills instead of the evening pills. Unfortunately, their is one pill I take in the morning that causes insomnia -- so I was up most of the night.

But, I had a good visit with friends and family. My brother is holding his own. I met with my friends Pody and Rick from Champaign and Joe and Rita who used to live here in Athens.

Pictured above are my friends Pody and Rick, me with my great nephew Oliver (isn't he cute?) and my two brothers.
More soon -- after I have rested!


karen said...

Your nephew is so cute. Get some well needed rest. Merry Christmas!!!

Christina Gammon said...

Hi Kris,
It must have been so stressful for you at the airport and getting ready so quickly. Glad you are home safe and sound and can adjust to routine again.