Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank you North Central Texas

I was the guest of the North Central Texas Alzheimer's Assn. chapter last week. I spoke at a conference they were holding and it had a great turnout. Over 400 people were registered and despite bad weather I think they all came. Shelley Bluethmann from the National Office and I were invited to be their keynote speakers. I really enjoyed my time there (although brief) and I appreciate the warm hospitality of all the Texans. Shelly Young did a great job of putting the event together and Theresa Hocker was a great hostess as well. The photo above isn't too good, but I wanted to model the cowboy hat they gave me as an "honorary Texan". Thanks for having me -- I really appreciated meeting everyone and sharing my story.

I arrived back to Athens to rainy dreary days but I was pretty exhausted so I took the opportunity to rest. More next week.

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Deanie said...

I love the Hat! Glad to see you doing well.