Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pick Up Sticks

Now that the snow has passed and it is 70 plus degrees outside today, it is time to go out and pick up all the limbs and branches that fell off our trees during the snow/ice storm. It did a lot of damage in Athens and we will be picking up debris for awhile.

Monday is our Advocacy Day at the Capitol in Atlanta. There will be a press conference with the Governor that I will be speaking at and hopefully we can get some people's attention on Monday.

Last week, when our power was out, I had a lady call me from Missouri. She had seen an article in a magazine about me and my struggles with Alzheimer's and she was desperate to talk to someone. Her husband, 64, has been showing signs of Alzheimer's (loss of short term memory, confusion, getting lost) and she needed to talk. She had been letting her husband do all the financial things around the house and as a result the house is in foreclosure and there are some issues she is having to deal with because these things were not tended to. One of her first questions to me was "do you have problems with math?" That seems to be a universal problem with all of us -- and I think she was relieved to know that but at the same time realized how much of a mess she was in. She couldn't talk long because she didn't want her husband hearing her talking to me. Since the power was out I couldn't look up the 800 Alzheimer's number but I told her how to get it and I hope she will call. She asked if she could call me again and of course I said yes. I hope she can find some help somewhere. At least she realizes that there is a problem there.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I am highlighting yout blog tomorrow/Sunday. Love your snaow person pics, Seattle is showing a few flakes right now...what is with this weather??