Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alzheimer's Day at the Georgia State Capitol

About 300 advocates emerged on Atlanta yesterday to talk to our legislators about issues dealing with Alzheimer's. It was a great day. We were all wearing purple t-shirts that said "voice" across the front. There was a press conference with the Governor which drew some press to the event. The Governor's mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's so this is also a personal thing for him.

We had people come in buses from all over the state. Ralph and I went and there were a few other people from around our area there including a new friend I have made, Bill Dotson. I was deeply touched that my daughter-in-law's father, Charles Lee also showed up to be with us. I didn't know he was coming and it really meant a lot to me that he would take time out of his day to join us.

Most of the legislators we met with were receptive to what we had to say but with the budget the way it is in our state (and probably almost every other state) we will have to see what happens. One thing I have been working towards is an Alzheimer's Task Force that would look at issues such as driving assessments, emergency placement and better long term health care. This is something that will not take a lot of money but just requires some time and effort on some of our legislators part.
Thanks to Kathy Simpson and Ginny Helms of the Georgia Alzheimer's Assn. for putting this together. I look forward to next year's event.

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