Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow photos

The newspaper said we got 6.5 inches of snow. The most Athens has ever had was 8 inches and that was in 1983. We remember that one too but this snow was so wet and heavy that it did a lot more damage. In the last photo I decided to take my black cat out to play in the snow with me. She didn't like it much! We didn't make the snow creatures -- someone else on our block did.
I was starting to get a little panicky after about 24 hours without power. Not from being without power but just not having things be normal.
Over the weekend, I was in Macon for the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame induction. Our UGA women's basketball coach was being inducted. While there I met with the Macon Alzheimer's Development Director and got to meet a lovely couple they serve. Cheryl and Norman met us for breakfast. Their daughter has been active with their association as well since her father was first diagnosed. They were a lovely couple and I hope I get to see them again next week at our state Advocacy Day in Atlanta.

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