Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Friends

Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to meet a gentleman in our area that has early on set Alzheimer's and his lovely wife. We met for coffee and it was nice to get to know them. Bill and I shared "our moments" and his wife and my husband shared "their frustrations" --that probably isn't the right word for it but close enough. I was so relieved to hear Bill say that when he was having his "moments" they felt like out of body experiences. He is so right --that is the way I have been describing things since I was diagnosed. It was nice to hear someone else say that.

This weekend is Valentine's Day. Over the last few days I have heard several people complain about the lame presents their husbands give them for Valentine's Day. I want to shout at them -- "At least you get something and someone is thinking about you!"

I have written here on occasion about my brother. He is in very poor health and has not done anything about it. I worry all the time about him because over the years he could have done something about his condition -- but he hasn't. In the last week his health has deteriorated and we have all been concerned. Last night, he finally agreed to go to a hospital and at least will we get a take on what is going on with him. The prognosis is probably not good. I only write about this because if you love your family -- take care of yourself. I always say how guilty I feel about having Alzheimer's because I didn't do anything to get this disease and it is so hard on my family. When you have a health issue that is treatable -- please do something about it --not only for you but for your family. They care about you and that says a lot. Even if you don't care about yourself they do -- so don't be selfish and get help when you need it.

OK -- I'm off my soap box now. My husband turns 65 tomorrow. We are going to celebrate.


Alzheimer's Team said...

I hear you on that! Please get treated if it is available. Good luck to your family.


D said...

Just wanted to say "hello"! I haven't been around lately but have been thinking about you & wanted to see how your life has been going! I agree w/ your post -- look after yourself and do everything you can to be healthy, if not for yourself, for your loved ones.

Tomorrow I go to visit mom again. Our visits have been really good, but I still get nervous, wondering how I'll respond if she gets upset. The child/parent thing gets in the way but I think I'm learning. It's a struggle for her, esp. since she knows that she has the disease and she knows how awful this disease is.
((( hugs )))
Enjoy your hubby's b.day and Valentine's Day!