Monday, February 16, 2009

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend. My son and husband both surprised me with gifts and believe me -- I was surprised......not by my son's gift but by my husband's. I don't think he has ever given me a gift for Valentine's Day -- needless to say he is not a gift giver! So, that was extra special.

Each week Google sends me a list of news articles that have been published during the week. Last week an article caught my eye about Alzheimer's drugs. The article was from the Orlando Sentinel. The gist of the article was why do the drug companies paint such a rosy picture of Alzheimer's when there is no hope. When I looked at the bottom of the article I saw where the article had been written by a writer in Stone Mountain Georgia -- not too far from where I live. His email address was attached so I emailed him. I had to differ with his opinion in the area that the Alzheimer's drugs on the market today can help some people -- especially in the early stages. If it weren't for drugs I wouldn't be writing this blog today. Yes, the drugs interact with people differently and although they won't help forever, it does give you a chance to lead a somewhat productive life in the beginning. I don't think the advertisements are misleading -- they don't say there is a cure -- they say there is help. The writer and I have a few back and forth exchanges. When I received my list from Google this week, there was another article by the writer this time about the feedback he had received from his article including some of my comments. There's always two sides (if not more) to a story.

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