Friday, February 29, 2008

The photo above is of a daffodil that starting growing this week. It was 70 degrees at the beginning of the week and then by the end of the week we had snow flurries and high wind. The daffodil got "blown over" by the wind and didn't last long. I think a squirrel must have transplanted this daffodil last year because it certainly wasn't planted there. It seemed awful lonely there.
I went to the dentist -- not good news. Two crowns are needed right next to each other! Two cracked teeth. I knew it wasn't good but I didn't know it was that bad. I'm sure our dentist doesn't have a coupon floating around for Buy One Get One Free -- but I should get a discount. He can't do both at the same time either. I go for one today.
The state association of the Alzheimer's Assn. has a new director. She will start in April. And, the national office has just hired someone to head up The Early Stage initiative. That's progress and I'm glad to hear it. We are getting some preliminary reports back on our work study issue that I wrote about a month or so ago. It is kind of staggering to see the ages of when people were diagnosed and what they have had to go through in the workplace. Results are still being tabulated but it should prove to be quite an eye opener.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait till we get flowers blooming up here and get rid of this snow! I hope the dentist goes well. I have always hated visiting them! I cut my dad's hair today for him for the first time! - Elyzabeth