Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

OK -- so I said my week was going to be slow but my weekend made up for it. And, I have had two days without a nap so I'm not doing real well tonight. Saturday I had a Memory Walk mini retreat/meeting in Atlanta with people from six other walks around metro Atlanta. It was a good meeting but long. They we went to meet Alan's fiancee's parents for dinner. That was delightful. They are such nice people -- we really enjoy being with them and I'm sorry we don't do it more often. It's nice to compare notes about our children -- most of the time anyway!

Today was a women's basketball game at UGA. We played good ball today and beat a good Auburn team by about 15 points. Several weeks ago they beat us by 30 points so we did a great job today. We need to with the SEC tournament coming up in just a few weeks.

My teeth hurt. I've mentioned this before and I went to the dentist and he told me a lot of my problem stemmed from grinding my teeth. But there has also been this one tooth that we have "been watching" for some time that he has told me that will need a crown and possibly a root canal -- well it is time -- as much as I hate to admit it. My wallet doesn't like it either but something has to be done or I won't be eating much for a long time -- which might not be a bad idea. Hopefully, I can get in tomorrow and he we can have something happen soon.

On a funny note (or not so funny note depending on how you look at it) -- I have to look at it as funny or I would totally lose my mind. When I was getting ready to go to the basketball game this afternoon I was brushing my teeth with my battery operated toothbrush. My husband had gone to play tennis and I was riding to the game with friends. Anyway, after brushing my teeth I couldn't remember how to turn the toothbrush off. I thought about it for awhile and knew that I couldn't put it on the counter top because it would vibrate and fall to the ground. So, I decided that I would just put it in the sink and several things could happen -- 1 -- the batteries would just wear out, 2 -- my husband would come home and shut it off -- or 3 I would remember before I went to the game what I was suppose to do. In the end, a few minutes before my ride, I remembered -- thus not having to get questioned by my husband as to why I would leave the toothbrush running in the sink. What fun I have sometimes!

I'm going to bed early tonight!

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